COBI PLATEC is an innovative company consisting of advanced technology specialized in atmospheric pressure plasma incorporated eco-friendly industry products and collectively addresses the process of development, production, manufacturing, and distribution.



Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Products

Cobi Platec’s atmospheric pressure plasma utilized product series,
promotes health, wellness, and beauty for its users.

Pros & Effects of Plasma

Gift from Plasma – Harmless yet powerful sterilization [OH Radical/Hydroxyl Radical]


OH Radical occurs in Cobi Platec’s plasma state, and the OH Radical sterilizes a variety of contaminations, bacteria, and viruses in air and water by chemically disassembling sterilizing their components and circulating the oxygen.

This is a powerful sterilizing substance that causes no harm to humans and animals, and it is considered a potential alternative source to resolve the environmental issues of contemporary society caused by industrialization.